Background and Development



Fishing for many years with coasters on first an original Abu 464 and later a Conoflex DC6, followed by a Zziplex 2500lm and a Federation, and living near the Solent where weed is infamous, the usual problems of moving reels - slipping around the rod whilst pumping in rafts of weed, or worse, whilst playing a fish, were highlighted from very early on.


However, from trials with other reel seats and their own inherent problems, I felt sure that there was a solution to using coasters out there somewhere.

There are several ways in which people use their 'thumbies' including the use of inner tube and  rubber gloves cut into bands and slid over a thumb.

The Coaster Companion© originally started out, as a strip taped to the rod butt, on which the reel was mounted on top of, and has finally developed into a tube which combines a secure location for the whole of the coaster, the whole of the reel foot, and also offers an aid to reel spool grip.

The biggest factor is the material - an aerospace grade that has shown very good longevity during several years of trials.

Thumbies also need to be removed whilst baiting up as a rule, and can be forgotten about in the excitement of a match situation where every second counts. A resulting crack off could waste precious minutes. During recent match trials, the Coaster Companion is proving to give a worthwhile edge to its user.

The RS Companion was developed as a result of more reel seats becoming standard fitments on current rods - particularly the latest range of AFAW mk2 rods which use a new sliding reel seat design.






2011 Chesil cod on a livebait, caught when the Coaster Companion was still at the 'strip' stage.
A mid-weight common Smoothound, again caught whilst using the 'strip' method. Reel seat rigidity is tested to the limit when the Hounds are 'on it'.
A nice little bag during a difficult season, caught just before Christmas 2013 off Chesil, whilst using the finished Coaster Companion. Note, it is barely noticeable...
14lb November 2014 Undulate - a good test for the Coaster Companion! Caught on the Hurst Shingle on squid and mackerel cocktail, on a 3ft pennel dropper with 4/0 varivas big mouths.