Coaster Companion ©



The Coaster Companion© is pulled up over the shrink tube on the butt, after first removing the coasters and butt cap. The butt cap can usually be removed after twisting and giving a firm pull.


The smallest butt dia suitable for the Coaster Companion© is 24mm.


Due to the ‘grip’ qualities of the Coaster Companion©, a fair amount of patience is required as you work it up along the shrink tube of the rod butt. Do not overstretch the tubing whilst fitting, as it may not fully regain its original shape and size.


Soaking the Coaster Companion© in hot water whilst cleaning the rod butt will help with fitting – water as hot as your hands can stand, will be more than adequate.


Once the rod butt has been cleaned off, and dried, it is important to know the position the Coaster Companion© is going to sit at, before starting.


Smear a small amount of washing up liquid over the bottom of the rod butt, and then line up the Coaster Companion so the strap is on the top face of the rod, pointing towards the butt and aligned parrallel with the eyes. A straight slide up the rod butt rather than twisting is the best method. If stretching is required over a larger butt dia, gradually work each ring gently up the rod in small steps using more washing up lubricant if required.


Once in position, rinse with cold water to remove washing up liquid, dry off and re-fit coasters and butt cap.


Open the coasters to their maximum before sliding up over the Coaster Companion©, taking care not to damage the edges. Do not try to force undersize coasters over the product - this will ruin it. As already stated, coasters that open up to 5mm over the original butt dia are ideally suited to this product. These will be an investment that fully utilises and compliments the Coaster Companion© for many trouble free years of service.

Note - Undersize coasters can sometimes be used temporarily as pictured. However, the full benefit of the Coaster Companion© will not be achieved. Didn't appear to put off this double figure Bass however...

30mm Coasters from UK Hooks have since perfectly complimented the set up pictured - std butt size on the AFAW TM is a tad over 24mm.

AFAW Tournament Match with standard coasters slid up short of position, helped account for this double figure Bass.