Coaster Companion ©

The Coaster Companion - a rubber type sleeve custom contoured to achieve reel seat rigidity, protect the butt and be a casting aid.



The Coaster Companion© THE Coaster mod that solves reel seat rigidity and aids casting.


  1. Enables coasters to clamp reel seats efficiently
  2. Protects shrink tube from marking
  3. Provides perfect spool grip
  4. Long lasting material
  5. Aesthetically pleasing – slim line fitting.


Rods are continually being improved by manufacturers constantly pushing the boundaries of material design and engineering. Lighter and slimmer is the way forward, with rod butts following likewise, but reels are still attached by coasters or various other reel seat designs.


So why spoil a nice slim rod butt by sliding an ugly and bulky reel seat over it? Especially when using the smaller 6500 size reels in Abu, Daiwa, Akios or Penn guise. They never seem to sit nicely in them, and many of these reel seats suffer from short lifespans. The trigger grip built into most of them is also testimony to the trigger grip offered by the coaster. Another disadvantage to bulky reel seats is small hands…


Alternatively, a set of decent coasters are minimalist and sit on a modern slim line butt very nicely. They are fully adjustable and suit people with hands of any size. Many modern mass produced top end rods and some more specialist rods also, are still supplied with coasters as standard, so why do so many people still dislike them?


Well, in truth, they are notoriously fiddly to seat the reel securely with, and often need to be over-tightened to stop the reel moving. This then leads to a short lifespan.


The Coaster Companion© , when fitted to the butt, provides a non-slip base on which the reel is clamped onto by the coasters. It also provides a perfect strap below the reel, ideally placed to easily clamp the spool while winding up that pendulum. However this then falls away immediately when the thumb releases the spool. Efficient clamping is achieved without the need to over-tighten the coasters, therefore, prolonging their life also. The Coaster Companion© also has the added benefit of protecting the shrink tube from marking and looks aesthetically pleasing, whilst sitting snugly on the butt – in fact you barely even notice it is there at all. In extensive trials, the aerospace grade material has lasted several years, with no signs of deterioration to date which makes it extremely good value.

A Casting Aid ?

This is certanly true during cold and / or wet weather, when the spool can be difficult to grip well. However, difficulty to grip spools is generally down to technique or timing issues, so we would suggest tuition from a casting instructor if this is an ongoing issue!

The Coaster Companion© needs oversize coasters to fully compliment the Coaster Companion©. Coaster size, as a guide, should be butt diameter + 5mm, and we  recommend UK Hooks Coasters as good value, as they are very well made and long lasting.

UK Hooks Coasters - these are the 30mm ideally suited to the 24mm std Butt dia of the Anyfish Anywhere Match and Tournament Match mk1s, and the Zziplex M4 Range, to name a few.