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A 2013 Chesil Cod caught whilst using the Coaster Companion

About us

 Well known Writer and Photographer John Holden, much respected for his numerous no-nonsense tackle reviews in Publications such as Sea Angler says - "Protects the butt from coaster damage. Holds the reel securely. Better spool control for casting. A neat idea."

Originally advertised in Sea Anglers 'What Gear 2015'.

Reviewed on World Sea Fishing website by owner Mike Thrussel Jnr

Also now being used by Shane Pullen from Sea Angler.

Welcome to the Coaster Companion© website.

The Coaster Companion© fits Rod Butts of 24mm & above. As previewed in Sea Angler, TSF and Sea Fishing recently.

Also, now for Reel Seat users as well - the RS Companion.

The fish in the picture above, as with the other fish pictured on this website, were all caught whilst trialling and developing the final product. However, these fish were not caught because of the Coaster Companion© - no single item of tackle can do that on its own. As with all types of fishing, watercraft catches the fish - using the right bait, in the right place, at the right time.

However, some items of tackle can make the whole process easier and therefore more enjoyable. Some of these items can cost less than others...

This is a brand new item of Tackle that solves reel seating rigidity, protects shrink tubing from damage and aids spool grip when casting. Like many great ideas over the years, it seems too simple to be true.

Please take the time to read through the website before deciding whether this item is compatible with your rod and suitable for your requirements. In the current climate where we all work hard for our leisure time, buying wisely and getting value for money is of the utmost importance to us.

This is a comprehensive website explaining the product in detail, but if you require any more information, simply leave us a message using our Contact page, and we'll reply to all enquiries.

Note:- The Coaster Companion will probably require oversize Coasters.

Many thanks,

The Coaster Companion© team 2019.

Close up of the Coaster Companion demonstrating the casting strap feature.